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Question 19


What unique teachings are contained in the Book of Mormon that are not taught in the Bible?


Just one example Alma chapter 32 on how to gain faith and through faith gain knowledge of the truth of devine principles. -BP (LDS)

Jesus was baptized because it is commanded by God the Father that everyone must be baptized. See II Nephi 30:1-13. -MJ (LDS)

Basically there are very few differences between the Bible and Book of Mormon. The 8th article of faith is - We believe the Bible to be the word of God as far as it is translated correctly; we also believe the Book of Mormon to be the word of God.

We do things differently than most Christian religions. The Book of Mormon is a record of people that came to the Americas, whereas the Bible is an record of the people in the modern day Middle East, Africa, Europe, and to some extent Asia. -DS (LDS)

The BOM teaches almost exactly what the bible teaches which is why the Church's doctrine cannot be found fallacious by studying that book. The BOM is an 19th century book based on 19th century Christian doctrine and all the elements of traditional Christian doctrine can be found in it (e.g. baptism, being born again, God and Christ are one God, even revivalist mentalities). Issues where modern Mormonism differ from traditional Christian beliefs (temple worship, godhead is 3 seperate and distinct beings, Satan as a pre-existent spiritual brother to us all, baptism at the age of 8, pre-mortal existence, the ability to become gods) are all found in books OTHER than the BOM. THis is why reading the book and being convinced of the books validity in no way reveals what Mormonism is all about. -S (LDS)

in short the answer is no, there are no teachings found in the B.O.M. that are teachings not found in the bible. i disagree with the mormon response but due to a 300 word limit i can't state why as of yet.

i find a lot of teachings in the B.O.M that mormonism denies. like god was once a man, yet 1 nephi 11:21, 11:32,13:40, 2 nephi 2:17-18, 9:8-9, 26:12 all teach that god the father is eternal, not that he was once a man.

mormonism denies eternal hell or everlasting punishment. but 2 nephi 9:8-9 (misery forever like the devil) jacob 3:11 (lake of fire and brimstone which is the second death) jacob 6:10, jacob 7:23, mosiah 15:26-27--if you die in your sins the lord cannot redeem you; what about baptism for the dead?

mosiah 26:30-35--as often as you repent you will be forgiven. i assume spencer kimball never read this verse when he wrote miracle of forgiveness?

alma 11:21-41 teaches only one true god. what about all the other gods? did these guys not know that god sat in the council of gods in the pearl of great price?

alma 11:44--christ the son, god the father, and the holy spirit are one eternal god. the trinity is taught here--which mormonism denies. the B.O.M. does not say they are "one in purpose" which mormons say to avoid the trinity; it says they are ONE ETERNAL GOD!

these are just a few of the MANY teachings mormonism denies. please write me at [email protected] and i will explain my thoughts on the above response and discuss more teachings in the B.O.M. that mormonism denies, thank you. -RB (non-LDS)