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Question 18


(This question was submitted by a visitor to Word for the Weary's web site.)

If the LDS believe in progression as the way to exaltation, then why have only two of the three in the Godhead progressed? (The Holy Ghost evidently has not progressed because it is without a body of flesh and bones.)


Just a few thoughts re: the Holy Ghost and the LDS reasons for why He is a Spirit and therefore unprogressed. According to Gospel Principles(mine is 1988)(pg.35),Joseph Fielding Smith taught that the He can leave a stronger impression upon a person than an angel or even Jesus Christ Himself(!!)because such is "Spirit speaking to spirit" and will "sink deeper into the soul and are more difficult to erase". This is quoted from "Answers to Gospel Questions"II:151.The manual also quotes Pres. Smith as saying "Through the Holy Ghost the truth is woven into the very fibre and sinews of the body so that it cannot be forgotten"(Doctrines of Salvation,1:48) So I suppose that LDS feel that the Holy Ghost has not "progressed" in order to fulfill these roles.I did come across a recently published book about the Holy Ghost.There were some quotes in it from "The Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith" and other early church leaders.One of the authors was Joseph Fielding McConkie(?I think)I can't remember the other author.There would be some interesting quotes in the first couple of chapters on this topic.Unfortunately the book is not at my disposal now.Tricky when you live a couple of thousand miles from a Deseret Bookstore or Church Distribution centre!That book was a most confusing bit of writing, but did try to address this very thing..that obviously the Holy Spirit has not "progressed" if He has not gained a body.(according to Mormon doctrine)

I'd be so interested to hear what others know on this topic. I was a faithful, temple-going Mormon for 20 years but never heard much said on this topic. -HP (non-LDS)

D and C 131:6 says a man cannot be saved in ignorance. yet many mormons cannot answer this or other questions. therefore, i would ask, are you saved? mormons don't seem to have an answer for this question, from my research. my thought is this. it is a case of ongoing revelation that is really not from god.

i own an original D and C with the lectures included. at the time they were "SCRIPTURE." on pg 35 of the lectures it says "in order for salvation we MUST have a correct idea of his character, perfections and attributes."

then on pgs 55 and 60 it says the HOLY SPIRIT is the mind of god. this would explain why the holy spirit has not progressed and does not have a body.

but over in J.O.D vol 5 pg 179 heber c kimball says "the holy ghost is a man; he is one of the sons of our father and our god." is the spirit a son of god or the mind of god?

according to milton R hunter in the "gospel through the ages" a requirement for godhood is celestial marriage, and it would be impossible for the holy spirit to attain godhood with out a body in order to marry. this is bondage, plain and simple. mormons cannot be assured of salvation and with the simple fact of ongoing revelation it makes it impossible. please write me at [email protected] and i can give you assurance through the simple bondage free message of jesus christ, the true and only god -- not a god who cannot keep things straight with conflicting revelation. -RB (non-LDS)