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Question 20


Why did you go on a mission?


I haven't yet. I am 18 and am turning 19 in July. I am not sure if I really want to.
-J (LDS)

I went on a mission because I believe the church to be true regardless if people don't understand, missionaries share their faith with ours. so they can understand -BC (LDS)

i have never gone on a missions trip in the sense of the lds term. i was called by god to witness to mormons and if any one would like my full story/testimony please contact me at [email protected] the short version is, i lived in maine, moved to minnesota, felt god calling me back to maine and went back. then i felt him call me to study mormonism and witness to mormons. i feel what i do is no different than what mormons do. they knock on my door wanting to talk so i talk. also, it is not fair to be one sided (you share with me yet i can't share with you). then if no one comes over i will call the church and say send some one over please. i want to share the true love of jesus with people -- one that does not require bondage by doing many works that jesus never told us we had to do. i also own so many books that are published by the church that i had to by a book shelf to hold them all. and to be fair i talk to both mormons and non-mormons, it is not fair in my opinion to be one sided. the bible says (i believe it is in proverbs) there are two sides to every story. so please write me and i will share my testimony with you. -RB (non-LDS)