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Question 7


Many Latter-day Saints maintain that Mormonism should be defined only by that which is contained in the four Standard Works of the Church. If LDS doctrine is confined to the specific teachings in the Standard Works alone, what is the purpose for having a living prophet and modern-day apostles?


Certainly we are not confined to the standard works. Our prophets speak to us often and counsel us in the ways we should go. Family Home Evenings, Food Storage, refraining from R-rated movies or any movies or media with questionable content are only some of the examples of latter-day revelation we recieve from our living prophet and apostles. However, we do refer often to the Standard Works as they contain many of the teachings necessary to our salvation. Also, the prophet and apostles hold keys which we would be lost without. -M.C. (LDS)

I do not believe that the church is bound to the 4 standard works. We have the monthly message from the prophet published each month in the ENSIGN magazine. It is considered scripture because it is the teachings of a prophet. The purpose of a living prophet is simple. For me to have a living prophet led by God is an inspiration to me. To have a "sheperd" watching the fold is important to me. I believe Jesus did it when He was on Earth. When he died, His apostles took over in His place..Now we have Gordon B Hinkley as our Prophet. The church is run efficiently having a prophet ordained by God the Father. I've been a member 4 years now and am happy with my decission. I use to be Baptist and was unhappy withh the way things were run. Each church ran things their way. It seemed to me each church had it's own agenda. In the LDS faith, things are organized according to the teachings of Christ. because of this I am happy with my life. I do not do do drugs anymore. That is completely because of the church. If for no other reason That in it self makes me glad there is a living prophet guiding the church. All the other churches did not care as long as they recieved your money. AND I researched several different denominations. The answer you are looking for is not a simple one. The prophet has alot to say. All of which I believe, but I do not believe it blindly. I pray about anything someone tells me to believe. But that too I learned from the Prophet. He teaches us to pray about anyting he says and verify it's truth for ourselves. Please feel free to respond I enjot discussing things like this with my fellow christian brethren.. Have a merry CHRISTmas. -J.R. (LDS)

The "Many Latter-day Saints" to whom you refer need to do a bit more study concerning the church in which they claim membership. One of the most important tenets of Christianity, LDS or not, is the need for a prophet:

Amos 3:7
Eph 2:20
Eph 4:11-14

The world changes each day for the worse. Satan is gaining control of the hearts of many more people now than in times past. Scripture has never been totally sufficient to lead us to salvation through Jesus Christ. The pattern the Lord established in times past is to have a prophet speak for Him to give His children support, encouragement, and most importantly a re-assurance that He is the way, the truth, and the light.

BTW, I like your site. It is by far one of the most objective of the many "save the mormons" sites I've visited on the net. -D.G.

I feel the mormons (not politically correct) need their church leaders as does any chuch. The leaders answer questions, provide comfort, counseling, and support for members in need. I also think that many mormons feel the Big 4 (their scripture) is a living set of documents, to be changed much as our constitution (not by a majority vote, though). This is truly a very effective way to run a church. It lets the members hear what they want to hear. -T.F. (non-LDS)

the dictionary defines a prophet as "a person who speaks by divine inspiration" and an apostle as "a missionary of the early christian church". mormons believe god uses the chosen prophets and apostles to reveal his instructions, laws, ordinances and gospel. according to mormon doctrine pg 764,"these four volumes of scripture are the standards, the measuring rods, the gauges by which all things are judged. since they are the will, mind, word, and voice of the lord". yet at the same time mormon doctrine pg 690-691 says,"any doctrinal teaching that is out of harmony with the standard works is FALSE, no matter who sponsors or promulgates it." so then if the 4 standard works are from god, and the prophet/apostle speaks in the name of the lord, yet they contradict each other, does that mean god is lying/contradicting himself? this would pose a serious problem. here are just 2 of many problems: "god was once a man" (teachings of the prophet joseph smith pg 345-356) vs. "god was always god" (mormon 9:19). "god has a body of flesh and bones" (articles of faith pg 43) vs. "god is a spirit" (alma 22:9-11). to talk further i can be reached at [email protected] -RB (non-LDS)