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Question 54


In the Joseph Smith Translation of the Bible, the Prophet corrected 1 Corinthians 7:38 to read, "So then he that giveth himself in marriage doeth well; but he that giveth himself not in marriage doeth better."

How does this revelation of the Restoration fit with the LDS doctrine that "marriage for time and all eternity is essential for salvation and exaltation"? (Seventy Earl C. Tingey, Church News, 5/8/04, 4)


Its simple, it doesn't fit in. Its just another contradiction that proofs how false Mormonism is, and how much of a false prophet Jospeh Smith is. The TRUE prophet test is in Deuteronomy 13:1-5. Joseph Smith fails... big time. -KB (non-LDS)

simply put this "newest" version does not line up with mormonisms teachings. it even contradicts them. but in my opinion from what i know we have an even greater problem. that is the JST teaches God commanded JSmith and Sidney Rigdon to complete the JST of the Bible. the mormon almanic even states it is complete.

Yet the JST states it is not complete so it would apper as if JSmith did not do as the Lord commanded him. This denies D and C 1:14 and 1 NEPHI 3:7--either that or the Lord failed. Also JS taught grace alone in his inspired version in romans which also denys the BOM teachings grace plus works after all WE can do.

I own all the books I quoted from and will supply copies to all who request, otherwise we can talk about more in-depth problems or just info. write me at [email protected] -RB (non-LDS)

Lets see here... uhh.. I would think that to find a soul mate would benifit life by they could help each other and be with each other just like their divine mother who cares for her children. Sure, it might tie you down, but it can also help you up in hard times. That is why people need to *putting it in caps-lock* CHOOSE THEIR SPOUSE WISELY and if you don't find a spouse in this life, don't be worried, because you can find it in the next. The quote was probably saying when your on your mission it might not be good to bring your whole family along with you.. (costs too much) lol. But, why not?? If we don't go into marrage the human race would slowly get smaller.. uhh.. some people might want that but that's not my point. There's more people that need to come to earth to test in life!! -LR (LDS)

I would just like to first point out that we do not have a Joseph Smith Translation of the Bible. We (LDS) use the King James Bible witch many of my non LDS friend read. [G. included a quote of 1 Corinthians 7:37-38 which has been omitted to conform to the word count limit] This chapter in Corinthians is speaking of premarital sex. It talks about important it is for you to be married before giving into the pleasures of the flesh. And As a member of the LDS Church I believe 100% in not having sex out of marriage. And no it is not true that all members of our church wait until there married to have sex. But this is their life they have to make that decision. We are all accountable for our own actions. But I am glad to know that Christ did suffer for our sins and that only throw him can we be washed clean, but I also know that I have to do every thing in my power to do what I know is right to fallow him in action, word, and thought. He was the ultimate example we should all strive to live as he lived. As members of the Church of Jesus Christ if Latter Day Saint we no we are not perfect. There has only been one perfect man that has ever walk the earth and that was Jesus Christ. The love I have for Christ is more then you can ever know. I know him I love him and I know that one day I will live with him. Christ is the cornerstone of our religion without him we would not have a this church today. I believe that we all have the right to believe what we want to believe. -G (LDS)

I guess they would have to hope someone would "adopt" them, as their son, so they could live with them eternally on their own planet (after having just read the article on their former belief of adopting men to be their sons}. Or, maybe their prophet will have some new revelation since it seems they do best to continually alter their beliefs, trying to line up more each day with acceptable sounds of true Christianity, to deceive others with familiar sounding words! Remember, salvation to a mormon is simply being called out of the grave...to a true Christian, it is eternal life in the presence of God, the ONLY God. -BC (non-LDS)

It depends if Joseph Smith was talking as the Prophet, giving his opinion as a man, or just letting the natural man inspire the re-doing of this verse. I happen to believe he couldnt tell the difference between the voice of his consience or the ravings of his ego. So we just might have some ego inspired scripture here relating Mr Smiths need for some more good times with women he never would or ever would want to marry. -DC (LDS)