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Question 53


Latter-day Saints often confront critics of the LDS Church saying something like this: "Why do you do this? We never criticize other churches or beliefs!" Consider that the official account of Joseph Smith's First Vision includes a strong denunciation of all Christian beliefs and churches -- and this message of the Restoration is the primary message LDS missionaries carry around the world. Why, then, is it acceptable for Mormons to criticize all other faiths, but unacceptable for others to criticize Mormonism?


first off i would suggest reading my response to question 29. the prophets of old had strong words about my church and its beliefs. i will provided photo copies of the books upon request.

why is it ok for mormons to try and witness to me but not for me to witness to them, that appears contradictory. it appears as if mormons either don't understand A of F number 11 or don't believe it. it says we allow men to worship how, where, or what they may. if this really were true they would not send out missionaries.

because when a missionary comes to my door, while they may not come out and say your church is wrong, they teach it is--by the B.O.M saying their are only two churches: the true church being the lds church, or the church of the devil. therefore, if they are right then i have to admit i am deceived and of the church of the devil. how does that allow me to worship how, where or what, i may?

but like i tell mormons, i share with you because if i am right and you are wrong you will spend eternity in hell as the bible teaches. but if you are right i can at least make it into the first heaven. mormons are not even sure they will be saved, where is the good news in that? reach me at [email protected] for further talks. -RB (non-LDS)

I don't know that I have heard my husband, or any of his LDS friends, criticize my religion, or others for that matter. I am very aware of what Joseph Smith said about all other religions though. I think LDS members today are smug in their replies about anything regarding "Christianity" because they have SO MUCH MORE THAN WE HAVE...and we just have not been enlightened by the burning in the bossom about the book of Mormon and other false teachings of the LDS church. It worries me about my husband and his eternal destination, but I can see why LDS members are not too concerned about us...after all, they can just be baptised for us after we die and we will have another chance to accept the heretical teachings of the Book of Mormon at another time. So, no one loses in their religion. As for me and me (and oh how I pray that one day I can say me and my house!)...I will continue to serve the Lord, the real Lord. You know Him, the one who became man, not the man who became Him. -BC (non LDS)

because the practices of LDS members has changed over time, this being one example, not to mention temple practices, doctrines, teachings, among other things -W (non-LDS)

Not being active in the church, I wasn't aware that Mormons criticized other faiths until a returned missionary (who wanted to marry me and was trying to prepare me for a temple marraige) told me upon questioning him what the "church of the devil which is the whore of the earth" meant. He told me it was the Catholic church and that his father who was a convert from the Catholic church to the Mormon church could testify to that. Since then I've begun to notice the way that SOME, not all, Mormons respond to other religions. I think that the reason that they think they can do this is because of their belief that they are of the true faith and that everyone else should be envious rather than critical. -JDR (LDS)

I dont agree also that mormons have the right to criticise other beliefs. I have experianced a member putting down the Jahova Witnesses, I stood up and rightly told her that wasnt right and not christian like. The truth is, everyone is in competition...to be top dog lets say. No body has the right to say that the next person is lesser than the next. As a mormon myself, I know the church is true, and I am sure many of you hear us say "Our church is the only true church"...even though in my heart I know this is true, I dont say it all the time, as it is offensive to those of other beliefs. As part of our beliefs we believe that everyone has their own right to believe in what they what to, who they want to, or anyway they want to....

I have not once been to church where the members critise other religions. I guess it is because I am from New Zealand and our religion is small compared to other beliefs. I have only heard someone critise a belief once, and I sure did not stand around hearing it. We don't accept critism....so I guess your question is incorrect..it should be...Do mormons allow other members to critise other beliefs? -A (LDS)

That was written 150 years ago. One of the main reasons that anti-mormons should not critize the church is they lose ground in their message. I cannot listen to what you have to say if I am put in a position to have to defend my faith. -WM (LDS)

WM wrote (above) "I cannot listen to what you have to say if I am put in a position to have to defend my faith." Why do you say this? We are instruceted by God to challenge your faith! The Bible says, "Believe not every spirit, but try the spirits wether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world." (1 John 4:1)

I believe this is because most mormons are strong in their faith, but only because of their ignorance. Most mormons i know don't know that much about their own religion. When i ask them questions they always answer me with, let me ask my bishop, or something of that sort. Its because of their strong faith that we can't critize them, because according to them, they are right and everyone else is wrong. Another question i ask them is "If all Mormons are christians, then why can't all christians enter the temple?" According to them its because we are all apostate. The bible according to them has been picked apart from earlier generations and we have lost what they believe is truly right... Have they forgotten about what Isaiah said? "The grass withereth, the flower fadeth, but the word of our God shall stand forever." (Isaiah 40:8) -KB (non-LDS)