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Question 28


While the term "Anti-Mormon" is commonly employed, a firm definition can be elusive. Please provide your definition of "Anti-Mormon."


The idea of anti-anything is a strong concept. When a Christian says anti-mormon, they can't mean anti-mormon-people. This isn't very Christlike. They really mean anti-mormon-religion or anti-lds-teaching. Anything else is anti-Christ. -PS (non-LDS)

a person whos hate is directed at a Mormon person or Mormons as a whole.
-WS (non-LDS)

In my experience, there are a few different types of Antis. There are the "mainstream" Christians who know very little about the LDS Church, but who are sure that they hate it because they've heard various weird things about it; Non-LDS Christians who *have* done some research into the church, but only for the purpose of convincing people that it's terrible; Ex-Mormons who have an axe to grind; and goofballs with nothing better to do. Those categories account for probably around 99% of the Antis. :o)
-JA (non-LDS)

I believe the term "anti- Mormon" is used by members of the LDS church to label those individuals and groups whom they perceive as dangerous to the faith of their members. I have never heard the term used by non- LDS to apply to themselves, but LDS members use this term frequently and rather loosely about others.( I know, as I was a member for 20 years)

I think it is rather a misnomer. It engenders fear and suspicion and suggests a malicious agenda on the part of the so-called "anti- mormons". I think it accomplishes exactly what it sets out to do: it creates a feeling of "us vs them" and encourages individuals to shut their minds to obvious facts.

In truth, most individuals or groups who are labeled as "anti- mormon" are no such thing. They may indeed have concerns for the inconsistencies they see in the LDS church and have a desire to expose these.But being "anti" or against Mormons would be a misrepresentation in the extreme.It saddens me that various Mormon apologists continue to use the term. -HP (non-LDS)

Someone or something is "anti-Mormon" to the extent that that person or thing is devoted to combatting Mormonism or Mormons. Thus, to disagree with Mormonism is not necessarily to be anti-Mormon, any more than to dislike broccoli is to be anti-broccoli. Even more so, to prefer artichoke hearts to broccoli would not make one anti-broccoli. One might, in such a case, give broccoli almost no thought, if one had a strong preference for artichoke hearts. But if one were to speak out frequently and even systematically against broccoli, if one were to maintain a web site criticizing broccoli, or to publish or distribute books or pamphlets denouncing broccoli, or to conduct seminars or produce videos or broadcast radio programs or television shows opposing the consumption of broccoli, one would quite properly be considered anti-broccoli. So too, it is not believing in Catholicism or evangelical Protestantism, it is not affirmatively preaching one's own beliefs, that makes one an anti-Mormon, but engaging in focused opposition to members or doctrines or practices or activities of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. This is not rocket science. "Anti" means "against." It's quite simple. -DP (LDS)

webster's dictionary defines "ANTI" as one who opposes a group, policy, practice, or proposal. so "anti-mormon" would mean one who is opposed to mormons. yet the god of the bible "JESUS" is not opposed to the mormon people. john 3:16 says he died for the whole world -- including mormons. he is opposed to false teachers/teachings. romans 1 says all liars and cowards will be cast into the lake of fire. if mormons are lying or even sincerely deceived, they are in that list. a saying i love says, "LOVE THAT TOLERATES DECEPTION ISN'T LOVE AT ALL" if god is loving then he won't tolerate people lying. if i say i love mormons and i believe they are deceived, if i don't say anything do i really love them? when i try and share my beliefs with mormon missionaries they say they have to leave. well, if they are trying to share their gospel with me then it stands to reason they think i'm wrong -- otherwise they would not be sharing with me. but because i disagree they leave. if they don't share with me why or how i'm wrong, leaving me in spiritual darkness, where is the love in that? i feel this shows they are doing missionary work out of duty to their church, not out of love. president george smith in journal of discourses vol 14 pg 216 said "if a faith will not bear to be investigated; if its preachers and professors are afraid to have it examined, their foundation must be very weak" i feel this is how mormons are when they don't want to hear my side. it's not that i'm anti-mormon. i share out of love and concern for their state of eternal rest. for more info reach me at [email protected] -RB (non-LDS)