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Question 14


In June LDS Prophet Gordon B. Hinckley bore his testimony of Jesus Christ and said, "The traditional Christ of whom [those outside The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints] speak is not the Christ of whom I speak…Am I a Christian? Of course I am. I believe in Christ. I talk of Christ. I pray through Christ. I'm trying to follow Him and live His gospel in my life." (Church News 6/20/98. p. 7)

By President Hinckley's own admission he's placed himself outside of traditional biblical Christianity. Therefore, should the LDS Church continue to present itself as part of mainstream Christianity? Why or why not?


The LDS church should not represent itself as a christian church it is a cult with an ever changing chameleon doctrine with most of it's beliefs shrouded in secrecy and cover ups and hiding of old scripture and doctrine.There is no christ to this religion he is a fallable man to them just like us with some nice moral ideas? My god who created heaven and earth he is all knowing all powerful he is above any human thought the idea that procreation for recreation is what every mormon devotes there life for in hopes of an neverending sex story is so pointless and lame I have trouble perceiving mormon parents explaining this to their children, I have a heart full of joy in that as a christian mother I can tell my littlest one the story of gods love for us and his plan for our salvation and happiness that we will and do have when he works thru us for his good! :) The LDS church has no other choice they must change their image continually to be able to deceive as their great decieving leaders have for years.I continually pray for the mormon people you see I love them as christ loved me I cry for their misled children I know there is a mormon mother out there who is reading this yes YOU! I am praying for you :)In heavenly fathers love for you there is total fullfillment! -SF (non-LDS)

As far as I am concerned the LDS are not following the Christ I read about in the King James Bible. They've taken away and have added to the scriptures for their own use…They should not be called Christians. -TY (non-LDS)

The question begets another question: what is your definition of "mainstream Christianity"? In all the years I have been going to church, I've never known the church to budge on doctrinal issues such as the exaltation of man, the pre-existence, or the nature of the Godhead and the relationship of grace and works. These very doctrines give many orhtodox Christians reasons for saying that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is not a Christian church. At the same time, LDS have never given up the right to assume the name of Christ and hence call ourselves Christians. So a partial answer to your question is yes, the LDS Church should continue to present itself as a part of Christianity.

However, depending on your definition of mainstream the answer might be that we haven't been presenting ourselves as a part of "mainstream Christianity." -DF (LDS)

Jimmy Carter in a speech with Christian's and taking the opposite view. He said they "are trying to act as the Pharisees did, who were condemned by Christ, in trying to define who can and who cannot be considered an acceptable person in the eyes of God." In other words, they're making judgments on behalf of God. "I think that's wrong," Carter said. -PH (LDS)

Originally the LDS church did not give a rats tail as to whether their teachings went along with accepted mainstream christian beliefs and traditions or not. They were very much interested in removing themselves from these folks. As it is now Gordon B. Hinkley who does not represent the teachings of Joseph Smith or Brigham Young or even earlier biblical prophets now wishes more than anything to join hands with mainstream Christianity… -CT (non-LDS)

This is a very good example of the way most LDS veiw Christ, being that it is they who know and worship the true Christ. All other denominations are of the church of the devil and worship his false image of Christ. The true LDS version of Christ is an exhalted spirit brother who has came to this earth to satisfy the demandss of justice by offering himself who was without sin to atone for our sins if we follow all of the teachings of the LDS church at the time in which we now live to the best of our ability. It is only after this that mercy can take effect. I find it refreshing of him to tell the truth for a change concerning church doctrine. Many of his statements to the public media have been less than truthfull. -GM (LDS)

mr hinckley should not be calling himself a christian; please read my responses to questions 28-29. i list in both statements by former presidents of the church and how they believe the christian church is not christian, but to add to that, in j smiths first vision he was told the christian church is an abomination in god's sight and our creeds are an abomination also. if this is the case why do mormons want to be called christian?

if god told j smith that, then it would be a sin for mormons to call themselves christians and say they believe in these false creeds. also galatians 1:8 talks about another gospel; and if there is another gospel and other jesus' then what if smith is wrong? the JW'S believe in a jesus that christians and mormons deny. the rev sung young moon claimed to be jesus. who is right? they are not from the bible i read. if you follow the wrong jesus--who is nothing more than satan in disguise--then he will only lead you to hell. please contact me at [email protected] and i will share from the scripture the real jesus christ who is god and died for your sins. -RB (non-LDS)