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Question 13


What did Joseph Smith's death accomplish?


Joseph Smith's death allowed him to seal up the law and the testimony with his own blood as a witness against a hypocritical nation. Why don't you ask more involved questions like why did the LDS church allow for blacks to have the priesthood when beforehand Brigham Young beforehand stated to the territorial legislature that if we consider it our right to mingle our seed with cain and that they should receive all the blessings of the children of Israel, then the church must then go to destruction. You could also ask about why the leaders of the LDS church now say do not pit the present prophets against the ancient prophets and so on. -CT (non-LDS)

Joseph Smith's death didn't ACCOMPLISH anything. He died for what he believed. He knew in his heart what he had seen and what he KNEW! He loved everyone he came across even his enemies. He did not judge. And he basically tried to live his life as Christ did. All of Joseph Smith's prophecies came or are going to come true. Do you know who govenor Boggs was? He was the govenor who made the extermination order against the Latter day Saints. Joseph Smith prophesied that he would live the rest of his life in misery and die a horrible death. He said that where he is burried grass shall not grow and the shadow of an LDS church shall pass over his grave everyday until the order was lifted. Well, it did. Grass did not grow and the shadow of the steeple of an LDS church passed over his grave until the late 1970's. A Contractor built a building up so that the shadow did no longer pass the year the order was lifted. He was an alcoholic and did live a miserable life until he died. He now lies in peace with a beautiful gravesite in California. I want to tell you right now that I know that I live the true gospel of Jesus Christ. I strive to be more like him. Jesus Christ is my hero and always will be. Joseph Smith was a true prophet of God. There is no denying that. You may not believe in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. But please donot judge us.. We are christian. I know this with every fiber of my being. I love the gospel of Jesus Christ. I say this in the name of my beloved Savior Jesus Christ, Amen. -A (LDS)

COMMENT: Robert L. Millet, Dean of Religious Education at BYU. does not agree that Joseph Smith's death did not accomplish anything. He wrote, "As suggested earlier, the life of Joseph Smith was in some degree patterned after that of his Master, Jesus Christ. That pattern holds true even when extended to its tragic conclusion. Like his Master, Joseph Smith also shed his blood in order that the final testament, the reestablishment of the new covenant, might be in full effect (see Heb. 9:16)." (Ensign, 6/94, p. 22)

over all joseph smith's death did not accomplish anything. i say this because if you read your bible the only person ever to die that really mattered was jesus, but this is another question. the bible tells us it is appointed for all to die, then judgment. there are people like moses, king david, and others who died and they were great men of god, but still they were sinners and they died like all the rest.

in D and C 135 it tells us j smith went like a lamb to the slaughter and he died without offence towards god or man, yet in history of the church vol 7 pg 102-103 it tells us j smith shot and killed 2 people. romans 12:17-20 teaches: repay no evil for evil, if it is possible, as much as depends on you, live peaceably with all men, DO NOT AVENGE YOURSELVES, but give place to god's wrath, for it is written vengeance is mine i will repay says the lord. mr smith did not do this.

D and C 1:14 tells us if we don't obey the prophets--and the lord--we will be cut off. well here is another mr smith did not obey. so if his death did accomplish anything i guess it would only be more questions as to where he went after death in light of the mormon teaching that no person who commits murder can be saved, and was he really a true prophet. please write me at [email protected] -RB (non-LDS)