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Typical LDS Church Service

If you have been invited to attend church with your LDS friend, here is what you can expect. Mormons meet on Sundays in LDS chapels for church services. While the order of the meetings may differ, a typical 3-hour block of Sunday meetings looks like this:

Sacrament Meeting
70 minutes

Includes the whole family.

This meeting consists of:
singing of hymns from the LDS hymn book, prayers offered by Church members, partaking of the sacrament (the passing of bread and water), and talks given by two or three pre-assigned speakers.

5 minute break

Sunday School
50 minutes

For ages 12 and up, classes organized according to age

For ages 4 through 11

For children 18 months to 3 years
5 minute break

Relief Society
50 minutes

For adult women

Young Women
50 minutes

Broken into the following groups:

Laurels (ages 16 and 17)
Mia Maids (ages 14 and 15)
Beehives (ages 12 and 13)

50 minutes

For all males ages 12 and up

After a short meeting called "Opening Exercises" consisting of a prayer, a song, and announcements,
the group breaks into the following "quorums":

High Priest group and Elder's Quorum (adults)
Priests (ages 16 and 17)
Teachers (ages 14 and 15)
Deacons (ages 12 and 13)

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