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Question 56


Joseph Smith, Jr., the founding prophet of the LDS Church, is one of the top 100 nominees for Discovery Channel's competition for the "Greatest American." In this competition viewers vote to determine who has made the greatest impact on the way we live.

Do you think Joseph Smith belongs on this list? Why or why not?


If a man can lie that well and get [12+] million people to believe him? Then yes i think he does deserve to be on it. -KB (non-LDS)

I believe that if Joseph Smith is a true prophet of God then the answer would be NO, he does not belong on that list. If he really is a prophet then He is only doing what he is supposed to be doing, therefore he should want to be of humble character and not want to be put on the list.

Now if he is a false prophet of God, then he does not deserve to be on the list as he is causing millions of people to go and enter into eternal damnation apart from the Lord for all eternity, what is so aswome about that?

Please feel free to contact me for more info or talks concerning the Mormon church and their beliefes. Please read over the other questions on this site to get a better idea of where I stand. [email protected] -RB (non-LDS)

It does not surprise me that Joseph Smith was on that list, he has made an impact on millions of people's lives. However, this impact is the product of Josephs incredible imagination. It has been proven that Joseph's prophesies that never occured (how does the Bible tell us, we can decifer a false prophet... oh ya false prophesies)... Joseph's life and his religion are the product of lies, adultry, [...] accult activities and who knows what else... which therefore saddens and yes even disgusts me that he, Joeseph Smith would be considered a "Greatest American". I do not think Joseph Smith deserves this title. This coming from an ex-TBM. -A (non-LDS)

The defination of greatness given is someone who made the greatest impact on the way we live. By this definition I beleive Joseph does belong on the list because for the millions of members of the LDS church he has made a huge impact on the way they live (not to mention their salvation). Also Joseph Smith made a huge impact on the lives of RLDS and FundamentalistLDS members. It should be noted that I don't personally define this as greatness as Adolf Hitler made a huge impact on the lives of millions of Jews, but I certainly would not describe him as "great". -JS (non-LDS)

I don't think anyone who has killed Americans should be on the list. -CJW (non-LDS)

Joseph Smith has made no impact on the way I live.

If I were a Mormon who lives in fear of losing my status in the church, not to mention the spirit world, he could be someone who has/had made an impact on my life.

Mormon's are some of the most morally correct individuals on the earth but so are other "religious" persons who adhere to laws rather than grace.

I am thankful that I have a living God who indwells me with his Holy Spirit to guide me daily and I don't have to rely on the sayings of man, or religion. -BC (non-LDS)

No, he shouldn't be one of the top 100 nominees for Discovery Channel's competition for the "Greatest American." He has read millions of people astray from the truth. Because of him, many people do not accept the saving grace (the free gift of God) that is offered from Christ on the cross. For them Jesus's sacrafice is not sufficent to save them, but they have to do works, which the Bible so cleary says it is in Ephesians 2:8-9: For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith-and this is not of yourselves, but is a gift of God, not by work, so no one can boast." Also the Bible condemns prophet's who are not 100% right, and he was never right in his prophecies. He was not ever a prophet, there were prophets in new testament times, but they would not predict the future. That was for prophets in the old testament times, but now Christ is our ultimate prophet. -MG (non-LDS)

I am a non-Mormon. Joseph was either one of the greastest Americans who ever lived or one of the biggest liars who ever lived. Yes he belongs on the the list!!!! -DW (non-LDS)

No, he does not deserve this award. It's a disgrace for this to happen. He has deceived many people and God will give him his reward!! Believe me. I am an ex LDS and am born again with the light of the one and only Jesus Christ. It's so amazing, the Bible and the grace that God gives you. I hope many LDS will get the message. -A (non-LDS)