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Question 52


If the current LDS prophet gave a revelation that differed from LDS Church teachings of the past, how would a Latter-day Saint determine which to follow?


i believe the average mormon would follow the newest revelation. i say this because according to ezra taft benson, (14 fundamentals of following the prophet) speech given at BYU. he taught that the living prophet is more important to us than a dead prophet. and the living prophet is more vital to us than the standard works. therefore according to this logic, even though ADAM GOD was taught, blood atonement was taught, and both can be proven as well as others, the mormon church denies these teachings and teaches we need to follow the living prophet. and if the living prophet speaks it is scripture above the 4 standard works according to ezra. also he taught the prophet CANNOT lead the church astray. funny how that can be possible when there is direct contradictions.

i would like to say, that their are many christians out their that will not share the truth with mormons. and many mormons that will not talk with christians. i want to share the truth with mormons and show in a loving way they are being lied to and much of the former teachings of the church are being hidden from them.

i'm answering every question on this web site in a respectful way, and i own every book i quote from. to date i have answered every question except these two: number 8 and 46 which i am researching now. if you would like to talk more, please write me at [email protected] -RB (non-LDS)

First of all, the Lord would not ask his prophet to declare a revalation that was in contradiction to his teachings. All revelation in the Church has been in response to prayor or continuing edification. The Lord has never abruptly gave a revelation that was in contradiction to his earlier teachings. Of course your your anti- LDS position will kae you come back with some lie such as "Well, what about the so called revelation stopping the practice of plural marriage?" Even this revelation had some preceeding insight to the mind of Wilfred Woodruff. When he made his announcement to the Twelve that the Lord had accepted the sacrifice of the members, the Twelve had alreday been touched by the Holy Ghost to know this was from God. sadly, your feeble attempts to turn members away from the Church serve to strengthen us. After reading your hollow sectarian arguments, I am stronger that ne before.

I have lead a life where I have had the need of the Lord and have had to call on him many times and I have an unwavering testimony that this IS the true Church of God. I'm retired from the military after 22 years and have experienced things that I pray that you wishy-washy liberal ant- God people will never have to experience. I use the phrase "anti-God" for you because your minds are so closed and predjudiced against the truth that satin has a grip on you. I also worka s a city police officer and teach high school full-time in a large ccity. I see the need for the truthfulness of the Gospel in these last days and you certainly are not it. ...I pray that the Lord will soften the hardness of your hearts. I'm certainly not brainwashed, just honest. -LC (LDS)

A LDS would not question what to follow since they are not allowed to think for themselves...if the prophet has spoken, the thinking has already been done. But, more than that, LDS do not have an indwelling of the Holy Spirit as Christians do, so they cannot use discernment, and they only trust the bible as far as it has been translated correctly, so they would not necessarily trust what God has given us to know for sure if something is right, correct, or in alignment with His will and principles. I have come to the conclusion that even LDS members who are active and holding positions in their own wards do not agree on what they believe, or either are not aware of what the "prophets" have said that is considered to be gospel. -BC (non-LDS)

I believe if a LDS prophet had a revelation that differed from the current teaching it would be to gain more members. It seems that in the past they have changed some of their teachings to be more 'pr friendly'. Take poligamy for example. I think that the prophets are extremely calculated in what they say to their members. The one prophet would not come forth without the backing of all of the prophets. Therefore, the LDS members would believe the 'new revelation'. -L (non-LDS)

The question starts with "If..." But the history of the church contains many instances of exactly this type of thing happening! When it does, the members are expected to simply disregard the old teaching or way, and accept the new reprogramming. And this opens up a dilemma: Once a change is made, will there be a return back to the old way, or possibly another change to yet another new doctrine or practice? What, if anything, can really be relied on? This creates uncertainty and confusion. This question is one of the reasons why I am, after 23 years in the church, re-investigating the foundation and structure of Mormonism, because the building may not be up to code! -D (LDS)

The correct answer is: you pray and ask God if it is correct. If the answer is yes you follow it. If the answer is no you don't. (Matt 7:7-11) -BWG (LDS)

The answer lies in the question. "If" he did... The fact is that new revelation will NEVER contradict a previous revelation. It may clarify, or add on to the doctrine. One must never worry about the prophet giving false doctrine. It will never happen. In Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith he explains that God will never let a prophet lead his people astray. That includes teaching contradictory doctren. It further clarifies that God will take him from the earth before he would do that. So Never fear, God is near! :) -C (LDS)

They would follow the newest revelation. As they have in the past. -EB (non-LDS)

The mormon church would follow the newest teaching. Here's why. I quote from a response posted on question 52 - "In Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith he explains that God will never let a prophet lead his people astray. That includes teaching contradictory doctrine." This is not true. Here is just one example of many.

In JOURNAL of DISCOURSES (pg. 50,51), it teaches Adam is our god. Brigham Young taught about Adam being our god by saying, and I quote, " Every man upon earth, professing christian on non-professing must hear it and will know it sooner or later." He also said, "Now, let all who may hear these doctrines, pause before they make light of them, or treat them with indifference, for they will prove their salvation or damnation."

This also denies what Ezra Taft Benson taught in the "14 Fundamentals of Following the Prophet." He said the prophet speaks for the Lord in everything, and the prophet does not need to say "thus saith the Lord" to give us scripture. If Brigham Young said we will be damned for denying what he taught, that is not mere opinion. Brigham Young also said, "I have never yet preached a sermon and sent it out to the children of men, that they may not call Scripture." (Journal of Discourses 13:95) Brigham would repeat this again in October of the same year (Journal of Discourses 13:264). This alone proves either a prophet lied or is teaching false doctrine.

See also question 49 on blood atonement and question 37 on polygamy. These two teachings were considered scripture at one time, but now they are considered heresies. They were taught as fact by the prophets at the time. Why would God change these doctrines? God does not change, only opinions do. -SB (non LDS)