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Question 51


The 2004 LDS Church Sunday School course of study is the Book of Mormon. In the January 3, 2004 issue of Church News (p. 3) the declaration is made once again that the Book of Mormon is "the most correct of any book on the earth."

What is meant by the claim that the Book of Mormon is "most correct?" What, specifically, is "correct" as referenced by this declaration?


Joseph Smith said that the Book of Mormon is the "most correct" book in "Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith," pg. 194. If a group of people were taking a test and everyone got lots of wrong answers, but one person got only one answer wrong, that person's test would be the most correct of all. "Most" implies there is still error. Why would God allow the B.O.M. to be in error? If God truly "restored" the gospel, why would it not be fully restored? There are approximately 4,000 changes in the B.O.M., many of which are doctrinal changes. The L.D.S. Church admits these changes. It is deceitful not to at least note these changes in the footnotes, especially since there are doctrinal changes.

If the B.O.M. truly is the restored gospel, and the fulness thereof, this is a problem. According to "Gospel Principles", page 245, in order to attain the celestial kingdom you need a temple recommend. In order to gain that recommend there is a list of seven things you need to perfectly do such as: being a full tithe paying member, living the law of chastity, keeping the "Word of Wisdom", being married and sealed in the temple, etc. Yet, none of this is taught in the fulness of the restored gospel. If none of this is mentioned, is the gospel truly restored, or the "fulness," as it were? D and C 3:2 teaches God does not vary from what he said. The prophets teach that "God" said all of this, yet "God" forgot to mention it in the "restored" gospel. Why??? -SB (non-LDS)

The most correct book means that it was given to man, through a Prophet (Amos 3:7) and it is in it's purest form. That meaning, that at one time the Bible was in it's purest form, but because of wicked, uninspired scholares of religion and such, it has slowly lost very important doctrines. Therefore God gave us the Book of Mormon, the most correct book on the earth containing the FULLNESS of the gospel of Jesus Christ. When read with the Bible we have an even higher understanding, as Ezekial said, the two "sticks" will go hand in hand, together; not one trying to prove the divinity of the other. -JS (LDS)

By correct it means most accurate the least filled with errors in translation becasue of the manner in which was translated. -J (LDS)

"Most correct" has to mean more complete and right than anything preceeding it, and certainly would not have any reason to be changed, for any reason, because it is the most correct. So, why do we go from the Book of Mormon, which is "most correct", to the Doctrine and Covenants, which are totally in disagreement with the Book of Mormon as to the what/who/how of the Book of Mormon, not to mention the Bible? I think I will stick with the "most correct" book, that Holy book THE God had all to do with because I have a witness to it being the most correct, the precious Word of God, and the Holy Spirit that lives inside of me bears witness with God's own Word that it is true. Did you get that? -BC (non-LDS)

My opinion is, its a LDS opinion, out of all the books they have, this one makes the most sense to them. If they claim for it to be the one true word, they would have said it. Most correct would mean that there are still errors in it, correct would be different in every different belief. For christians there is only one that is correct, because we see in the light of his words. I guess when you believe God inspired more than one book, you would need to identify which one was the "most correct", which in my opinion I would find false, because God isn't deceptive or a lier, he said what he said, thats final. -N (non-LDS)

I am not sure why it is said to be "most correct" book but definition in the Glossary of LDS Words and Terms section of the Book of Mormon stated that "it has undergone numerous changes since its first printing." Also it said that "the Book of Mormon is silent on many of the doctrines espoused by the LDS Church today, and is in disagreement with others." These are three reasons already given that contradict that is "the most correct of any book on the earth." -CS (non-LDS)

some mormons have stated the B.O.M is the most correct book to mean without or with very little error, i.e. minor misspelled words etc. if this is the case, lets look at a few of the MANY errors. in the 1830 edition, on the title page it says, "by joseph smith jr, author and proprietor." but in 1981, "translated by joseph smith jr."

the dictionary defines "proprietor" as the owner of something; author as "the original writer of a literary work." no wonder it was changed; it stated joseph smith wrote the book. in the 1830 edition under 1 nephi pg 25 it says "is the mother of god" in the 1981 1 nephi 11:18 it says "is the mother of the SON of god." major change.

in the 1920 edition 1 nephi 3:10 says "come;" 1981 says "gone." 1920 1 nephi 12:5 says "fallen;" 1981 says "not fallen." 1920 jacob 2:6 says "might;" 1981 says "must." these DO change the meaning.

there are no footnotes marking any changes. this is deceptive. in history of the church vol 1 pg 55 we read GOD saying, "these plates have been revealed by the power of god, and the have been TRANSLATED by the power of god. the translation of them which you have seen is correct, and I command you to bear record of what you now see and hear."

according to god they were translated by his power and are correct. therefore, it appears he lied or is not truly god. there should not be one mistake in the B.O.M. since there are, it appears A of F 8 should also include the B.O.M. i will gladly send documentation to whoever writes me and asks. there are over 4,000 changes. please write me at [email protected] for further talks. -RB (non-LDS)

I believe that the claim is made in reference to Joseph Smith's (and all the prophets for LDS that followed) ability to receive and correctly relay (translate) the word of God to their followers. The LDS claim that they believe in the Holy Bible, inasmuch as it is accurately translated, is the clue to this declaration about the BOM. -M (non-LDS)