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Question 35


The LDS Church has asked media, members and missionaries to begin using the nickname "The Church of Jesus Christ" when referring to the Church in informal settings. What do you think of this move by the Church? Is the new nickname a good idea? Why or why not?


The church name is not a "nickname". If you read in the Doctrine and covenants, you see that it is a name mandated by God. "Mormons" are a nickname given by non Latter Day Saints.   -JH (LDS)

While serving a full-time mission for the LDS Church I noticed a trend.

First, the order that Mormon missionary discussions are presented was changed. Instead of the discussion on the "Restoration" which included a recitation of the First Vision of Joseph Smith, Jr., the first discussion to be presented to investigators would be "Our Relationship with Christ". Since it was Joseph Smith and the First Vision that makes Mormonism unique, I remember thinking it a bit odd that we would be seeking to appear more like mainstream Christians.

Next, was the addition of a subtitle to the Book of Mormon; "Another Witness of Jesus Christ". By this time I was questioning what was my LDS testimony.

Thirdly, was the redesign of the Mormon Church logo. What made it most interesting was its utter lack of subtlety. The very clear message seemed to scream out from the redesign, "we are Christians too, and by golly all the rest of you Christians better recognize that fact!"

And finally, the senior leadership of the Mormon Church wants everyone...not just LDS Church leaders and members, but non- members, media and just about everyone else...to first use the full name of the LDS Church, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Once the full name has been used, then a simple abbreviated "Church of Jesus Christ" will do, says the senior Mormon Church leadership.

So, what is going on here folks? It is really very simple. To put the matter bluntly the Mormon Church wants to engage in "sheep" stealing, and minimalizing the veneer differences between mormonism and the rest of Christendom will make it easier to deceive the less discerning.

Has mormonism given up anything that sets them outside of Biblical Christianity? No. However, the LDS Church knows that their greatest number of converts come from a christian background, and hence the desire to portray themselves as just another Christian Church, only a better variety because they have ALL of the truth, and more importantly the "power" alone to act for God.   -OR (non-LDS)

Members of my family being Mormon, I have been around the Mormon Church for many years. I have attended occasionally and have never seen what I think was a real example of discernment. Many leaders seem to think that when they are called, their opinions become revelation. Now Gordon Hinckley feels that the Mormon Church needs to hide its apparent difference from other Christian churches. Too often they can't get past the door when the words Mormon or LDS are said. Remember that the Mormon Church has one of the longest histories of any group in the successful use of doublespeak. Most Christians shouln't be concerned though since real Mormonism will fade out in a few more years and the only difference will be the use of Temples. Yes, I'm a little bitter because I have seen some nice people hurt by the arbitrariness (discernment) of church leaders. But the Mormon Church will become a Christian church in time at least in name.   -GR (non-LDS)

I think it best to leave the Latter Day Saints off the end. I don't think it would be wise to promote to the whole world in 2002 That their last days didn't come and now we don't need the whole world to know we missed the mark on that.I think the knickname that they are shying away from is the name Morman. That is the name of the book they believe in, why not be called that.   -CW (non-LDS)

I feel like the LDS Church is facing much criticism so in an attempt to join in with the mainstream Christianity it is possible that they are coming into alignment with out beliefs.

They cannot come abruptly so they must subtly change.

Didn't the Church of Christ or Church of God recently do the same after years of doctrinal error?

Is is possible that the LDS Church is taking the next step to true Christianity?   -RG

For any church to try and use the name of "Church of Jesus Christ" exclusivly is abhorrantly arrogant. The Church of Jesus Christ is the body of believers. Jesus, when asked how you could recognize the Kingdom of God answered "The kingdom of God cometh not with observation" (Luke 17:21). An organized religion is certainly observable. And any "organized" religion that claims that salvation is gained soley thru them should be avoided at all costs. I believe the LDS are attempting to go beyond joining mainstream Christianity, I think they are trying to put themselves at the top of all churchs and claim themselves King of the Mountain. Unfortuntely for them, Jesus is that King and they are going to find out how far the mighty do fall and they will be reminded, quite sorely I imagine, that Pride surely doth cometh before the fall.   -E (non-LDS)

3 nephi 27:8 says the true church must have its name on it. first of all, CHRIST is not a name, it is a title. also there are a few other churches that claim the name of CHRIST or GOD, one being the RLDS church, then the jehovah's witnesses and the world wide church of christ.

now with these churches all claiming the name--more so the RLDS--who is right? if the other churches are right then the bom is false and then we have a problem. if we follow 3 nephi 27:8 then this means when paul mentions 1 thessalonian's and 1 corinthians they are apostate churches because they are the "church of thessalonians" and the "church of god" in corinth.

read the JST of the bible; if these churches are wrong no mention of it is made in the "re-corrected" bible. Strange? in D and C 20:1 in the 1830 edition the mormon church was called the "church of christ" yet in the 1834 it was changed to "the church of latter day saints". because the name of christ was removed does this mean it fell into apostasy? the name on the church does not matter. nowhere in the old or new testament did god ever say "my name must be on it to be true." even if this was the case, the devil could use HIS name. the bible says even the devil and demons know who jesus is and tremble. for more in-depth talks about the "TRUE JESUS" please reach me at [email protected] -RB (non-LDS)