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Question 33


How would you explain the LDS Church's doctrine of the Virgin Birth of Christ?


As I see it the LDS Church's doctrine of the Virgin Birth of Christ can only be that she (Mary) was a virgin prior to having sex with the god (yes, small 'g') of Mormonism who, of course, is "flesh and bone".

But then every girl is a virgin until she has sex the first time so, according to Mormon doctrine... there is no virgin birth. -JC (non-LDS)

first off i would like to say, i'm not surprised to see as of yet that no mormon has responded to this question; because of the nature of this question and christians believe the mormon view to be very blasphemous.

the mormons teach that god the father had physical sex with mary. if this is the case, then she cannot be a virgin. read gospel principles pg 57, the seer pg 158, doctrines of salvation 1:18, JOD 8:115 and 8:211, articles of faith 466-467, and mormon doctrine pg 547 and 742. i own all sources i quote from.

in john 8:41 the pharisees accused jesus of being born through fornication. this would be true if god the father really did have sex with mary, but he did not. the bible teaches god overshadowed mary. if i stand in the shade of a tree it is overshadowing me. i am not part of the tree or even touching it. this is one question i find mormons don't like to really talk about and just another issue that shows mormons and christians don't follow the same religion or belief.

for further talks you can reach me at [email protected] -RB (non-LDS)