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Question 31


The July 22, 2000 edition of the Church News quoted Bishop Glenn L. Pace from his April 1989 General Conference address discussing "former members who have become disenchanted with the Church but who are obsessed with making vicious and vile attacks upon it."

Please explain what would be defined as a "vicious and vile attack" upon the Church. What are the elements or components that make up such an attack?


Well, slanderous attacks on the character of current and past prophets without a shred of evidence that holds up to considerable scrutiny, misquoting LDS leaders in the past and making it sound as if what they are saying is full "Mormon Doctrine", the likes of Ed Decker (As Wade Englund said, "Saints-A-Lie) that produce inflammatory books and videos such as "The God Makers" and "The Temple of The God Makers" and help incite the populace against the LDS church. -KL (LDS)

i believe a vicious and vile attack would include slander and lies. yet i also believe this is what the mormon church is doing, all the while claiming people like ed decker, the tanners, and even me are doing. i believe the mormon church is lying to the average mormon person.

i own a lot of mormon books, most rare or old. i can see for myself the changes the church denies making. i own the 1958 1st edition mormon doctrine, the history of the church 7 volumes, the 1888 edition pearl of great price, plus the newer ones to verify all the changes. what i call the "SANITIZED VERSION'S."

the mormon church says people like me or ed decker lie. well if that is the case and the mormon church teaches the prophet can not lead the church astray, then why is it the average mormon person is afraid to view the evidence for him or herself? i would love to show the changes in the mormon doctrine. if the mormon person does not want to sit and view the evidence, then the mormon person cannot claim i--or any one else--is lying; otherwise that would be slander without proof on their part.

i have yet to see the mormon church come forward and confront the people with truth. they say we lie yet they won't show us the proof in a public fashion. Why? i believe they cannot do it, that's why. please feel free to contact me at [email protected] if you want to see the problems or show me the truth if you really do have it. -RB (non-LDS)