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Question 24


The LDS Church-sponsored Latter-day Saint Foundation recently donated $25,000 to a building fund for a Hare Krishna temple in south Utah Valley. How can this action on the part of the LDS Church be reconciled with God's clear biblical teachings against His people having anything to do with false worship of pagan gods?

(See the related article A Jealous God for further information)


I don't know where you got your info, but I'm sure it's incorrect. I think you mentioned something about the Krishna's web site. I think someone is being dishonest about the LDS church giving them funds. The church would not do that, check your facts. -SB

Two weeks after submitting the above, SB sent the following:

Well I read the article, and it said the LDS Foundation did give the Krishna money. The LDS foundation receives money through the Deseret Management Corp. It does not receive money directly from the LDS church or it's members. I'm sure the foundation gives money to lots of organizations. It makes sense to me why they did it. One of are Articles of Faith states: "We claim the privilege of worshiping Almighty God according to the dictates of our own conscience, and allow all men the same privilege, let them worship how, where, or what they may." So you see, they couldn't turn down these people for money because of how they worshipped. They saw that this people were good people, regardless of the way they worshipped. To me, that sounds like a very christain act. We don't go after other peoples religions. -SB

I must say, I'm a bit confused… I receive a subscription, of the Ensign from a LDS friend, and in one of the last issues, it stated that the LDS church were one of the few, who adhere to the O.T. law. However, at the same time, I've heard that the prophet-of-today has the Final Say, as to God's will. So, based on the LDS decision on giving a gift of money, which belongs to God, and to God's Work …I would have to assume that it really doesn't matter what scripture has said in the past,…but that God's Will, today, is that, "as long as a religious people are good and descent, than its 'ok' to give what belongs to 'Heavenly Father,' towards the building of a temple/altar of 'other gods.' I think its called, 'being Religiously, Correct ,' which is highly valued in the secular world.

So, then, how does one reconcile the statement in the Ensign, that they still adhere to the O.T.?? This is where I'm a bit confused… Reading the related scripture that you had provide …it really makes it impossible to reconcile. Therefore, (I'm guessing ) revelation by the prophet-of-today must override all other revelation from scripture. I don't get it…which, and how many gods does the LDS church honor?? -VH (non-LDS)

"For this reason you must rebuke them sharply, so that they may have a healthy faith and no longer hold on to Jewish legends and to human commandments which come from people who have rejected the truth . . . They claim that they know God, but their actions deny it. They are hateful and disobedient, not fit to do anything good." (Titus 1:13-16) -MN (non-LDS)

let me say first, that someone responded by saying read A of F number 11. if you truly follow number 11 then the mormon church should not be sending out missionaries--because you are not allowing us to worship how we may. they state "we don't go after other people's religions." WRONG! if i accept mormonism to be true then i must admit everything i believe is wrong if it does not line up with mormonism.

now the best way to answer this question is read "church of the devil" pg 137 in mormon doctrine. it answers this question and that above response. let me add mosiah 13:4 "BECAUSE I HAVE TOLD YOU THE TRUTH ARE YOU MAD AT ME"

mormon doctrine pg 137-138 i quote "the titles church of the devil and great and abominable church are used to identify all churches or organizations of whatever name or nature--whether political, philosophical, educational, economic, social, fraternal, civic, or religious--which are designed to take men on a course that leads away from god and his laws and thus from salvation in the kingdom of god." again "Any church or organization of any kind whatever which satisfies the innate religious longings of man and keeps him from coming to the saving truths of christ and his gospel is therefore not of god."

sounds like Hare Krishna fits the profile of church of the devil. so is it "a very christian act" to allow people to be lead astray? for further in depth talks reach me at [email protected] -RB (non-LDS)