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Question 22


Many Christian churches employ the symbol of the cross as a public testimony of their belief in the sacrificial death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, as well as their commitment to the risen Savior. Why doesn't The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints use the symbol of the cross?


The LDS church doesn't use the cross symbol because the cross is a symbol of Christ's death (and resurrection, but the church seems to forget that). They would rather concentrate on his life, and on his word that still lives through the Church. BTW, I'm technically non-LDS because I haven't been baptised yet, but I am planning on joining… I don't want to skew your poll results or anything ;) -SZ

For Mormons, the cross symbolizes the death of our Savior, whereas we would rather much dwell on His resurrection instead. Our God is not a dead God, but alive and well. The cross was not originally a Christian symbol in the early church, but was actually taken from pagan sources and later developed into a common ritualistic icon. Satan's happiest day on earth was during Christ's crucifixion, and I think he enjoys being reminded of it whenever he see the cross hanging around necks or broadcasting high on steeples.

It is NOT because we deny Christ. Only the traditional method that has been adopted in expressing ones devotion for 1800 years now. -K (LDS)

Isn't it b/c they see the true miracle is in His ressurection, rather than in his death? -RR (non-LDS)

While Christ died on the cross the true miracle is the resurrection. We as LDS recognize that others wear the cross as a symbol of the sacrifice of Christ. We also recognize that the cross is also one of the cruelest ways to take a life. If Christ had been killed by a dagger, sword or gun would you wear those instruments of destruction around your neck or put that in your church as a symbol of Christ. Christ is not about the instrument of destruction, but of everlasting life, the resurrection and the atonement. Christ did not bring a symbol of the cross to his disciples and ask them to remember him. He showed them the wounds as proof of his resurrection, which is the true miracle of a living Christ. -ER (LDS)

let me start by saying it appears mormons believe christians worship the cross, or satan loves the cross. i do not worship the cross; i worship jesus. satan hates the cross because it brought about his destruction. if jesus was not crucified satan would rule forever, but now he will die.

the bible says in genesis he (satan) will bruise (jesus') heel yet jesus will crush his (satan's) head. jesus did this when he was crucified on the cross. read 1 corinthians 2:6-8. it says if the rulers of this age knew, they never would have crucified the lord of glory.

i believe satan hates the cross because it means he lost. i believe mormons are not true christians: they teach another gospel and another jesus. read 2 corinthians 11:1-4. it speaks about another jesus and gospel. read also galatians 1:8. also, i believe the true author of mormonism wants nothing to do with the cross of christ. matthew 12:30: jesus says if you are not with me you are against me -- there is no middle ground. if you follow another jesus, then you follow the wrong jesus; you therefore follow satan.

both galatians 4:16 and mosiah 13:4 say have i therefore become your enemy because i told you the truth. please write me at [email protected] and have further talks about who the true jesus is. -RB (non-LDS)