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Question 16


Why did the early LDS Church practice polygamy? Do you endorse this practice? Why or why not?


Why? Modern Revelation. Do I endorse this practice? No more endorsement than found in the Bible. Today? No. In the Old Testament period? Of course. I have some questions for you. Will there be any who practiced polygamy be found at the right hand of God? (Does the New Testament give an answer?) Was Jesus a descendent of polygamists? When did the Jews last practice polygamy? Have fun. Answers to these questions requires open honesty! -NL (LDS)

I think Joseph Smith was not content being married to just Emma. His "revelation" showed a disregard for the sacredness of the Book of Mormon's teaching regarding adultery. Joseph Fielding Smith states, "The doctrines of false teachers will not stand the test when tried by the accepted standards of measurement, the scriptures." (Doctrines of Salvation, Vol 1, pg 188)

If that revelation were to have been tested by the Book of Mormon, it would have proved Joseph Smith is a false prophet.

Prophets make mistakes like the rest of us but when a prophet says, "Thus saith the Lord" we should assume that what proceeds is inspired.

Several people have mentioned that Solomon, a very wise man, had many wives. But, we need to remember that those many wives turned him away from the true God while he was busy building idols for them.

What about Abraham? Hagar was given to Abraham by Sarai because she was tired of waiting for God's to fulfill his promise. It was the custom back then that if a women was barren, she could give her handmaid to her husband.

In D&C 132:4 we read that the polygamy revelation is "an everlasting covenant" which lasted for just 50 years. How can something that is "everlasting" stop? The only explanation is that it was made by man. Joseph Smith stated "remember, that it is not the work of God that is frustrated, but the work of men". (D&C 3:3) -MBS (non-LDS)

Very simply put: the Lord commanded it.

Just like in times past, the Lord spoke to his holy servants and provided revelation. Abraham, David, Solomon all practiced polygamy! -CB (LDS)

i own the 1883 edition D and C which includes lectures on faith, originally considered to be part of D and C and called scripture. pages 37,38,42,43,51 and 1 nephi 10:18 and hebrews 18:8 all say god cannot change, he is the same yesterday, today, forever.

alma 14:1 17:2 33:2 acts 17:11 and many others say search the scriptures. psalms 138:2 god puts his WORD above his NAME. i feel mormons do not search the scriptures because if they did the would see god NEVER said practice polygamy. did men do it? yes. why? we are sinners. read jeremiah 17:9. if god punished us for every sin--even lying--by death or otherwise, then where would be his grace.

did god punish people in the old testment for polygamy? yes. david never had peace after this. his own kids rebelled and a sword was upon his house. mormons say it was needed because of persecution and they might die out. read your scriptures as the above verses state. 1 kings 19:10-18 god set aside 7,000 that did not bow the knee to baal. he rebuked isaiah for thinking he was the last.

read 3 nephi 28:7 god granted 3 followers the gift of living forever until his return. this throws total apostasy into doubt, but that aside, if there are 3 living forever mormons will not and can not die out. david had to commit murder to get bathsheba, was that of god? abraham slept with hagar, did god allow that? what about the son getting told by god to leave. please write me at [email protected] as 300 words is not enough to fully answer this or quote scripture. -RB (non-LDS)